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We are East Marsh United, a community group from the East Marsh of Grimsby, dedicated to transforming where we live for the better.

About us

About us

We are celebrating homegrown talent

Encouraging expression through our arts programme and community magazine.

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We are creating new opportunities

Recruiting organisers, engaging with volunteers and fundraising for education.

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We are looking out for each other

Using our time to help neighbours, share skills and clean up our streets.

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We are making homes work for our community

Challenging landlords, refurbishing houses and welcoming new tenants to our area.

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We are giving local people a voice

Initiating change, championing democracy and taking back control of our environment.

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Get involved

We’re always looking for people to help the East Marsh grow. If you’d like to volunteer your time, tell us your story or contribute to shaping our neighbourhood plan, drop us a message today!

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Recent news from the Proud East Marshian magazine

Our very own magazine brought to you by our talented team of locals, packed with interviews, stories and updates – fresh from the East Marsh.

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Front cover of the latest edition of the Proud East Marshian
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Celebrating our Sun and Moon Festival

Our community arts programme, bringing painting, performance, poetry, music, crafts and other exciting new experiences to people in our area.

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East Marshian Chronicles

Podcasting from the edge of things, on Grimsby’s historic East Marsh.

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