Kooth – free, safe and anonymous online counselling for young people (11-25)


Children and young people can access free, online mental health support 365 days a year – you can chat with a professional counsellor, read self-help articles and/or join peer-to-peer forums.

From Kooth:

Support for young people: As a digital service Kooth continues to operate its anonymous, professional (BACP accredited) 1:1 text based counselling service and wellbeing support platform. There are no criteria thresholds, young people just need to go to www.kooth.com, create an account and get instant access to Kooth. They then have access 24/7 to the platform hosting clinical content, forums and peer support. If they wish to chat with a counsellor the clinical team are available from 12 – 10 pm Monday to Friday and from 6 – 10 pm at the weekend. Young people can join the chat queue or send a message to the team.

Coronavirus: East Marsh United are suspending all public meetings and events until further notice

Please don’t panic, but do take responsible action for yourself and for humans who may be more susceptible.

There is a LOT of information out there right now, and the situation is changing constantly – but at the moment not in a good way by any stretch.

If you want a solid source of information on the current crisis and what you should do to stay safe, read this article, the upshot of which says try to keep as many people home as possible, starting now: I need you to read this and decide about Coronavirus

Come and meet Voice4Deptford 4th-6th March

UPDATE! Due to Docks Beers having an opening night next Wednesday, we won’t go there, we’ll go to Wetherspoons instead, as we have a need for engaged discussion – but wishing Docks Beers the fullest of full first nights and we’ll be drinking a toast to your wonderful efforts!

A fantastic group of people from Voice4Deptford + our friend Dr Roger Green are visiting Grimsby over three days next week.
They are REALLY keen to meet up with our lovely locals and find out what makes us and our town tick (with a focus on the East Marsh, but not solely).
Would you be able to commit some time to come along and say hi and have a chat with them, find out about their situation in Deptford, let them know about yours?
In particular:
  • Wednesday 4th March 8pm-10pm at Grimsby Wetherspoons followed by a curry
  • Thursday 5th March 7pm-9pm Courtyard, Freeman Street Market and afterwards to the pub.
The intention is then to plan a visit to Deptford from the East Marsh. Here’s Roger’s blurb about it all:

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the idea of a joint project between East Marsh United and the Voice4Deptford campaign, in South London. This project could bring the two communities together from the North of England and the South of England with a view of sharing with each other what they are doing within their own communities and to look at ways of how we might work together to bring about real lasting change in our communities.

If we agree to work together then a small number of East Marsh residents could come to Deptford for say three days (we would provide the funding for this – similar to us coming here to Grimsby).  To see whats happening there and to meet people fighting for the right to determine the future of their community.

The next step following this, if we agree, would be for us to think about seeking funding based on our visits to each other’s communities. One way could be to ‘twin’ both communities and over a two or three-year period residents (including young people) from each community would visit each other to talk, listen and to learn from each other’s experiences and create a model which could be used in similar community’s around the UK of how local people can have a real voice and determine the future development of their communities.

Tortoise ThinkIn – Grimsby – The Rules: How can we fix British politics? Wednesday 4th March 6.30-7.30 at the Telegraph Offices

This is what ‘Tortoise‘ say about ThinkIns:

A ThinkIn is not another panel discussion. It is a forum for civilised disagreement. Modelled on what we call a ‘leader conference’ in the UK (or an editorial board in the US), it is a place where everyone has a seat at the table. It’s where we get to hear what you think, drawn from your experience, energy and expertise. It’s where, together, we sift through what we know to come to a clear, concise point of view. It is the heart of what we do at Tortoise.

What I say: the ones before Christmas were really good and the write-ups excellent – clear and fair. I would urge you to go along and have your say. I learnt a lot from the views of other people in the previous ThinkIns, perhaps especially from those whose views didn’t reflect my own.

Next Wednesday’s topic is described by Tortoise:

Politics is broken. The gap between the powerful and powerless is widening. People feel locked out. How do we fix it? The question is too big to think about, but too urgent to ignore. Where do we start? At Tortoise, we believe we need to rewrite the rules for politics in a so-called “codified constitution”. But first, how do we get there? We need to remember how it’s supposed to work, work out what problems we’re solving, design new principles for the deal between the people and the people in charge and create fresh ideas for our democracy. Together.

The Rules need a rewrite. ⁦@tortoise⁩ we want your help to debate, design and deliver the new rules for British politics.

What should the new rules for politics be?

Well, what do you think? Have your say on Wednesday 4th March…

Sign up here to get your FREE ticket: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tortoise-thinkin-grimsby-the-rules-how-can-we-fix-british-politics-tickets-93507416199

Refreshments from 18:00, starts promptly at 18:30. If you are late to a ThinkIn you can ‘SlinkIn’!

At Grimsby Telegraph, Fisherman’s Wharf, Grimsby, DN31 1SY (near Fishing Heritage Centre)