About Us

Welcome to East Marsh United. We are a community group of local residents of the historic East Marsh of Grimsby and we are dedicated to finding OUR Solutions to OUR problems.

Grimsby’s East Marsh is one of the most deprived wards in England with significant poverty indicators and problems of low educational attainment, low employment, high numbers of lone parents, high in-work and pensioner poverty. The summer of 2017 saw the area spiralling out of control: “Rutland Street families ‘scared to leave their homes’ because of drug dealing and anti-social behaviour”. “Grimsby man refuses to stop speaking out after his Rutland Street home is attacked by vandals”. Just two of many newspaper headlines from one East Marsh street. Residents felt frightened and helpless – until we decided to act.

We are the so-called ‘left behind’ of austerity but we are not victims. We adopted the ‘broken window’ theory to think it through. Signs of disorder – broken windows, boarded-up houses, litter and graffiti – induce more disorder and crime, imply no care for the area and invite chaos, which was what happened. We met to identify how we might mend the ‘broken windows’ and ‘East Marsh United’ (EMU) was born.

East Marsh United has been formed as a Social Enterprise (from 26 October 2017) in order to begin finding solutions to those problems – this is not a place to rage at some of the things we see about our area in the media – printed press, online, radio and television… we know what the problems are. No, East Marsh United is here to find real workable solutions to these problems that suit our lives, our dreams and our aspirations for our houses, our streets, our community.  Because the East Marsh is not a ‘problem’ to be solved by police or by media or by politicians – the East Marsh is our HOME and as such it is up to us to decide how it will grow and develop into a quiet, friendly and loving place to live for all of us.

These are some of the things we do and have done:

  • We successfully bid for £10,000 from Awards for All
  • Every Saturday morning we go out and clean one East Marsh Street at a time – removing greenery from gutters and walls, sweeping, litter-picking, bagging and disposing of ½ tonne of waste each time.
  • We also tidy up and replant some of our street greenery
  • We have a fortnightly fly-tipping run, removing street mattresses and other larger waste to the tip
  • We are liaising with Council to help remove Wheelie Bins from frontages
  • We are collecting information on house ownership and challenging irresponsible landlords
  • We are engaging with the abandoned East Marsh Neighbourhood Renewal Area action plan in order to permanently reshape the East Marsh environment
  • We are organising a central location for East Marsh United, where we can implement more ambitious projects for and with the East Marsh community – construction education, digital community arts, community well-being
  • We have ambitions to open a Community Pub.

We meet every other Thursday from 6-8pm in the church opposite Grant Thorold Park:

St John and St Stephens Church Centre
Robert Street
North East Lincolnshire
DN32 7LT

We are working together for the whole community. If you live in the East Marsh area and would like to get involved and potentially make a real difference to OUR East Marsh, please get in touch using the contact page on this site or email eastmarshunited@gmail.com