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Join us!

Find out how you can get involved by becoming a member or supporter of East Marsh United

Why join?

Joining East Marsh United is a way to show you believe in and support our purpose and aims. It also allows you to have a say in how we do things as an organisation.

Be informed

As a supporter or member you’ll be kept up to date with everything we’re working on, alongside stuff we’ve achieved and our goals and ambitions.

Get involved

All supporters and members can take part in what we’re doing to improve our area, including online services like time banking.

Have your say

Members can vote on our future plans and direction. You can also choose who leads East Marsh United, or even stand to lead yourself.

More information

Other bits and pieces you might need to know

Who are East Marsh United?

East Marsh Community Ltd. is a Community Benefit Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in England & Wales under number 8310 on 04 February 2020 as a society for the benefit of the community. The registered office is The Courtyard, Freeman Market, Freeman Street, North East Lincolnshire DN32 7DS

Our aims (objects of the society)

a) The development of the capacity and skills of the members of the socially and economically disadvantaged community of East Marsh in particular and the wider community of Grimsby, in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society;
b) The relief of those in need in East Marsh in particular and the wider community of Grimsby, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage principally but not exclusively through the provision of ethically managed housing;
c) The provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation in Grimsby in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving of the conditions of life of all residents of East Marsh in need of them regardless of their age, beliefs or background for the public benefit;
d) The advancement of such other charitable purposes as the members see fit from time to time for the public benefit in particular but not exclusively for the benefit of individuals and communities in East Marsh, Grimsby.

Who can become a member?

Anyone - as long as you’re at least 16 years old and you’re passionate about helping the East Marsh!

What if I’m under 16, or can’t pay the £1 membership fee?

Become a supporter. You’ll still receive our communications and be able to access the things we run. You won’t be able to vote on how we’re run, but you can upgrade your status from subscriber to member at a later stage (e.g. when you turn 16, or otherwise decide to do so).

Why are you asking members to pay?

The one-time membership fee of £1 is important as this buys you one share in our society and gives you the power to vote on how we’re run. When joining you can choose to voluntarily pay more than £1 – this allows you to make a donation if you’re in a position to do so. Only one share is issued per member regardless of the amount paid over £1; that way everyone’s voice is equal – any amount donated above £1 is considered a one-off donation.

What are the rules of membership?

East Marsh United is registered as a Community Benefit Society. This society is owned by and accountable to its members. In practical terms, this means -

  • Membership is open to all persons and organisations that agree with the aims and objectives of the society.
  • Individuals must be at least 16 years of age to become a member.
  • The committee may refuse any application for membership at its absolute discretion.
  • Members participate in decision-making at general meetings and elect the board of directors to oversee the work of staff, volunteers and/or contractors.
  • All members have an equal say based on the principle of one member one vote. Every member has one vote so everyone has equal power.
  • Members will be kept informed of the work of the society (as a minimum) at the AGM and via the annual report.
What is a community benefit society?

We started East Marsh United to make change, make friends and make memories. But to take the next step and give true power to local people we also established ourselves as a Community Benefit Society (CBS). This means we can have -

  • Property owned BY the community, FOR the community
  • A member-led organisation where local people can vote on how the CBS is run
  • Investment in the East Marsh through community shares

The legal status of the CBS protects any property we take ownership of. It ensures our property MUST be protected for community use by law. In other words, it means we can provide ethically managed, affordable housing and a flourishing community hub for proud East Marshians.