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We’re Greening the Marsh!

Come along and help us plant 30 new trees in Grant Thorold Park

What will happen on the day?

Thursday 9th February is the date for your diary. We’ll be planting several tree types in the park, including elms, tulip trees, sweetgums, red maples and sweet chestnuts. The new trees are 7 or 8 years old and around 4 to 5 metres tall, making them ready to plant and thrive.

On the day, everyone will be given a tree planting demo and shown exactly what to do. You’ll be involved with carefully placing trees in the ground, installing stakes and strimmer guards, and tidying up the soil. Refreshments, hot drinks and toilet facilities will be available in the nearby St John, St Stephen & Shalom church.

Sponsor a tree

We’re giving businesses and families the chance to be associated with our newly planted trees. For £500, you can sponsor a tree and have your company or family name added to our online digital map. All proceeds will go towards our ongoing campaign to green the East Marsh – it’s a great way to show your support for the local community, as well as having your name linked to a specific tree for all time!