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Change to East Marshian Ramble Thursday 21st September – See next post!

See next post for changes – Viking Way will have to wait!

Come join us for our next wonderful walk, which is along the route the Vikings chose to settle with their noticeable place name suffixes of -by and -thorpe – here’s the whole route:

We’re not doing the whole thing, though – we’re starting from the Humber Bridge at Barton (‘-ton’ is anglo-saxon) and walking across to Barnetby (‘-by’ is the most common of Viking suffixes, meaning farmstead), a 12 mile hike:

Gather at Grimsby Town Railway station for before 9am (train is 09:06, arriving in Barton for 09:49).

Return to Grimsby: There are trains at 2.18, 3.19 and 4.05 from Barnetby (which has a pub…)