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East Marshian Chronicles Podcast: the Million Pound Challenge on the East Marsh

Today’s episode about the Million Pound Challenge takes place from Grimsby’s Freeman Street Market:

The million pound challenge aims to put money into the pockets of East Marsh residents by providing free welfare and advice appointments at Freeman Street Market. Help may also be available if people are struggling to pay housing and home energy bills or dealing with unmanageable debt.
Billy is hosting and our four challengers are:

  • Al Burley (Community Development Worker at West Marsh Community Centre)
  • Claire Thompson (Community Insights and Marketing Manager – North East Lincolnshire Council)
  • Bernie Taylor (Together for Childhood)
  • Tony Gaskins (Chief Officer, Citizens Advice North East Lincolnshire)

If you wish to volunteer to help make this excellent project a success, or wish to book an appointment to discuss potential improvements in your financial situation:

  • email:
  • phone: 01472 803500

Or just come along to East Marsh United’s office in The Courtyard, Freeman Street Market (especially on a Tuesday from 9am).

Find out more (or Call 01482 778753)