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Announcing the winners of the East Marsh Awards 2021!

This year we launched the first ever East Marsh Awards – we asked you to tell us all about the people in our community who have gone the extra mile, helped you through a hard time or generally just done something amazing.

We planned to announce the winners at our Christmas Party, but we’ve had to postpone that until the new year and we couldn’t wait any longer! And so, without further ado, we are delighted to announce the winners of the official East Marsh Awards 2021. Drum roll please…

The Spirit of the East Marsh Award
Winner – Kayla Keetley!

Kayla is a youth outreach worker for Shalom Youth  – she received a staggering number of votes! “She is kind, caring and has a good heart.”

Outstanding Service to the Community Award
Joint Winners – Rev. Kay Jones and Cllr. Kay Rudd!

Rev. Kay is the vicar at St John’s and St Stephen’s and works tirelessly for her community – “she has put others before herself and at times has put her own health on the line”. Ward Councillor Kay Rudd “goes above and beyond in the community.”

Support & Encouragement of East Marsh Talent Award
Winner – Carolyn Doyley!

Carolyn won for being “such a  wonderful, inspiring, patient, funny, warm loving human being.”

Outstanding Teacher Award
Winner – Miss Trafford!

A teacher at Weelsby Academy, Miss Trafford was called “the kindest teacher in the world – makes learning super fun!”

All five winners have really stepped up and done some incredible things this year, and it’s clearly not gone unnoticed!

Finally, we’d just like to say a huge thank to everyone who voted in our very first East Marsh Awards – we were overwhelmed with the amount of reponses we got. It just goes to show how much love and kindness is out there on the East Marsh!