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We’re championing local people with the East Marsh Awards 2021!

We’re looking for people on the East Marsh who’ve gone the extra mile and done something special – and we need YOU to tell us about them!

As we look back on the past 12 months, we want to shine a spotlight on all the Proud East Marshians who’ve done something amazing this year. That’s why we’re announcing the East Marsh Awards – an exciting new way to recognise the people in our area and all their incredible achievements.

The awards are all about celebrating the kindest, most helpful people in our neighbourhood, including teachers, volunteers and shopkeepers. They’re about highlighting people who have been especially kind or brave – a member of your family or someone you’ve seen out and about doing amazing things.

Maybe you’ve got a neighbour who did you a favour or a friend who helped you fix a problem. Perhaps they rescued a situation, supported you through a hard time or worked really hard on a project. It could even be a team or group of people you’ve seen doing good!

Whoever you choose, if you’d like them to be in with a chance of winning something at the East Marsh Awards, head over to our awards page to nominate them online before Saturday 11th of December. The winners will be announced at this year’s East Marsh United Christmas Party – for more details about the event, email

And remember – if you’d like to chat to us about this or anything else, come along to Freeman Street Market. We’re there every Tuesday afternoon – you’ll find us next to the Courtyard Cafe!

Make your nomination online now!