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East Marshian Chronicles Podcast: Interview with Grimsby’s own Jason Stockwood – an easy Yes!

Jack, Billy and Jason at Blundell Park

“I’ve got the Grimsby in me. I like a fight”

Jason Stockwood

In today’s episode, Jack Booth and Billy Dasein talk to Jason Stockwood,  Club Chairman of Grimsby Town Football Club and so much more.

We set a high bar with our opening question and the conversation then ranges across kibbutzim and DisneyWorld, how work really works for people and organisations (spoiler: trust people), a brief discussion of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicusand the barriers of language and how Covid has prompted a radically shifting world-view towards the unjust postcode lottery of austerity and poverty. Above all, what comes out often is that it’s all about relationships,  compassion, love and creating places that matter – human flourishing!

When it comes to the footie, Jack nails it with his impromptu question (or statement of deep personal philosophy, perhaps): “If you don’t have hope then what do you have when it comes to football?”

Find the episode here:

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