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East Marshian Chronicles Podcast: Historian Nick Shepley on the Background and Context of an Inspector Calls

This episode is in support of our Ragged Reading Group’s imminent exploration of J.B. Priestley’s play An Inspector Calls, which was first performed in 1945 at a time of great change – b oth World Wars were fresh in the minds of the people, women had become more prominent in the workplace and believe it or not people of the 21st Century, it was possible to be class mobile.

The play is set in 1912 – this means that the characters have no knowledge of these world events. Priestley uses this to make important points about society and responsibility.

Your hosts are Jill Harrison and Billy Dasein and we have the great good fortune to be joined by our friend Nick Shepley who has his own insightful and informative podcast, the Explaining History Podcast – find it at – whose tagline is Modern history podcasts for students and enthusiasts – and please do go and have a listen, it’s a brilliant podcast!

If you’ve enjoyed this episode come and join the discussion which takes place Wednesday, 3 November 7:00 – 9:00pm – email me for details:

Find podcast here: