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East Marsh United’s 3rd home for our Proud East Marshians

Well, here we are, it’s been a long time coming and quite a few delays for, well, one thing and another – but we’re here, our third house and we’re so looking forward to welcoming our new tenants, who have been waiting very patiently throughout. Here’s how the house looked:

And here’s how it looks now:

The house was bought in partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council (hello Jacqui Wells!), using funding awarded by Homes England. This was achieved with the energy and passion of all of East Marsh United’s Board, members and supporters, fellow East Marshians and honorary East Marshians who Care about what happens in the world. It was also achieved with the skill and expertise of the gang at East Marsh Construction who did the refurbishment.

Even aside from a beautiful home, the added bonus for our families is that East Marsh United stand with them as their ethical Community Landlord – we will always put human well-being before rental profits.

Lauren and her excellent team from GI Grimsby News carried out an interview with Pete, Mike (East Marsh Construction) and myself – I have no idea how to embed a facebook video here, so have a look with this link:

As a side note, GI Grimsby News look to be a positive development in our town, although even on what I would have thought was a good news story in our community, the comments below the line (btl) of the video are something to behold! I guess this is probably true of most of the btl comments, and I am certainly not going back there to check any time soon, but if any of you guys are reading this – we’d be happy to discuss the issues with you in person and we invite you to stand with us – let’s live forwards and make hopeful change happen right where we are!

Love and Light!

Find out more about East Marsh United and for just £1 become a member and stand with us in solidarity:

Oh, and come and join us in Grant Thorold Park on Saturday!