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East Marshian Chronicles Podcast: 2nd Ragged Reading Group


This episode is our second Ragged Reading group and our Ragged Readers are Al Burley, Carolyn Doyley, Josie Moon, Jill Harrison and facilitator Billy Dasein.

We first of all explore the famous Great Money Trick where the character Frank Owen organises a mock-up of capitalism with his workmates, using slices of bread as raw materials and knives as machinery and manages to explain Marx’s theory of surplus value…

Next we have a look at the ‘solutions’ put in place by the ruling class – of course we have very different solutions these days, don’t we?

Don’t we?

After that we marvel at the Great Oration and conclude by discussing issues around Tressell’s ending – is it problematic? What do you think?

To take part in our next Ragged Reading Group just get in touch – we will be reading and discussing J. B. Priestley’s play An Inspector Calls from 1945.

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