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The Magic Garden: Part 4

Listen to Part 4 here:

This week the final episode of The Magic Garden podcast is published. I had such fun recording it. I especially enjoyed creating different voices for the characters. When I create characters for my stories, they always have a voice that I can hear in my head and it was fun to try to make them sound like I imagined them speaking. Susan the Hedgehog can be a bit over dramatic because she’s a real worrier. When I was reading the story with some children last week, one young person said to me:

Good grief, Susan! There’s no need to be so dramatic! 

That made me laugh because that is exactly how I wanted Susan to be. 

I enjoyed reading the story live last week and I hope to do that again sometime. 

In the meantime, enjoy the final episode and do get in touch to tell us your thoughts and to share your ideas for stories with us. 

I am working on a new story about an adventurous crab and a kind monkey. 

Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Josie x