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The Magic Garden Part 3!

Episode Three of The Magic Garden is now live! –

The Magic Garden is a story for children and families. It has talking animals and a giant with green legs along with a kind, brave and clever heroine, Carrie. It also has a serious message and that is about habitat. We know that many habitats are under serious threat and many animal species face vast reduction in numbers or extinction. In the face of this, it can seem impossible for individuals – let alone children – to do anything positive. 

In my stories, I try to offer ideas that can help children find small ways to help animals, each other and the environment. In The Magic Garden, Carrie helps protect the habitat of small creatures by not digging up dandelion patches, and her friend Cosmo builds a hedgehog house. These are simple things. On their own, maybe they seem very small.

But imagine if 10,000 gardeners stopped pulling up all the dandelions, or planted lavender and other pollen rich plants instead of short-lived plants that just die off after one summer. Imagine if one thousand gardens had a bug hotel or a hedgehog box or a bee house – that would make a difference. We always have to start somewhere. Start small, think big; doing something is always better than doing nothing. 

I hope you enjoy Episode Three – I would love to hear your ideas or feedback so please get in touch via our website: