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The Magic Garden Part 2!

Hello again and welcome to Episode Two of The Magic Garden. I hope you all enjoyed last week’s episode.  

You can find Part 2 here:

I’ve been looking at my garden this week, observing the bees and the butterflies. Sadly, there aren’t as many as there should be at this time of year. I do my bit in my little urban garden on the East Marsh to encourage insects and birds into the garden. I leave large clumps of dandelions and buttercups and I grow lavender and herbs so any creatures in the garden can have food and shelter. I have a couple of birdbaths and a bee hotel hidden away in a shady place under some lovely creeping ivy. I’ve shared a couple of photos of my garden, I hope you like them. 

This Tuesday, not long after the first episode aired, there was a knock at my front door. I opened it to find my lovely neighbours who had come to tell me how much they enjoyed the story! I was delighted to hear that. It’s always good to know that people enjoy your stories.