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Welcome to The Magic Garden!

Hello, Josie here, and I’m delighted to be able to share with you my latest story for children, The Magic Garden via the East Marshian Chronicles Podcast.

The Magic Garden is the most recent story in my series of children’s books that feature Carrie and Cosmo, two heroic children who are best friends and who have marvellous adventures together. In this story, Carrie and Cosmo help the animals that live in Carrie’s garden to find safe homes. We meet Susan the Hedgehog and Barry the Beetle, who need help in overcoming threats to their habitat.  

You can find Part 1 here:

The story is part of a package of materials and resources that were created during 2020 as part of a bigger project, funded by Arts Council England and the NEL Music Hub in partnership with Grimsby Jazz Projects. The Magic Garden is available as a storybook, suitable for children aged  4+ and for family reading. There is also a teachers’ resource book available. For more details about the books, please email 

The original music for this podcast is by Pat McCarthy and Hetty McCarthy. You can hear all the songs that accompany the story here: 

Cosmo and Carrie’s first adventure was a trip to space, when they took off in a home-made rocket and went on a rescue mission to find Zog and Zebedee, two aliens who decided to come and live on earth in Cosmo’s shed. You can follow their space adventures in this video series: – where Matt Gray and Lisa February bring Carrie and Cosmo to life in this fun series. 

Cosmo and Carrie also set sail in Bonny the Boat to face the terrible peril facing the ocean in the form of Plastic Pete. On their journey they met a wise whale, a clever dolphin and a brave crab; Carlos, the leader of the Crustaceans of Cleethorpes. 

Let’s Go To Space and Sail Away are also available as storybooks and resource packs. Again, email for more details.  

The story books also feature lovely original illustrations from Vivienne May. Vivienne uses wonderful colour in her illustrations and they are full of detail. You can see that from the images below. 

Barry the Beetle x Notwhat and Carrie

I am looking forward to recording more stories for this podcast series over the coming months and I am working on a brand new story featuring Notwhat the Owl, Carlos the Crab and a new animal friend, Monkey. I will make sure I keep you posted about stories as they become available. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Magic Garden and I would love to hear your thoughts about it if you would like to get in touch.