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Guest Post – Terry Birkett: How are you? It’s okay not to be okay so have a lovely day!


Hi everyone, my name is Terry Birkett. I have reached out a lot throughout the Pandemic with mental health awareness videos and articles. I’ve also been noticed as an ambassador for the local area having spent some time struggling myself throughout my life with mental health and especially in the lockdown.

Previously I thought about ideas how I could help on how I was feeling and express it in videos and simple messages – you would be surprised how far they would go and who they would reach. I’ve reached so many celebrities throughout Twitter and they have shared and wrote some lovely positive comments. I just wanted to know if you are feeling down and at times of darkness there is light and by shining a torch through expressing how I was feeling and just a simple message it’s okay not to be okay.

Others would connect and people would understand that days can be bright but some days can be dark and by doing some videos I have some very positive feedback and messages like how brave I was to open up and Thank you for the videos they have helped me and that made me feel good about myself to as I was struggling at times too but by helping others by doing little bits you find yourself feeling better. I’ve always said if you’re at that point in your life where you need someone to talk to please talk reach out to friends or a family member – it’s the start of acknowledging you are struggling but this is not weakness, this is strength. By speaking you will find release and understand that you are not alone and that many others feel the same. By taking time sometimes to have that talk about your day to someone it’s surprising how you can feel afterwards.

I know myself at times a simple chat can uplift my mood and I’ve just recently mentioned how football can bring people together especially men; a simple conversation about your football team can sometimes unlock a conversation. I find the smallest things we do in life can mean so much and I really appreciate the little messages – how are you, have a lovely day – can bring a smile to my face and knowing someone has a thought about you.

I have met and spoke to some amazing people in my life who have come across some hurdles but take every opportunity to help raise awareness in mental health and these people are warriors who have lived through their experiences. We all share the same interests in helping each other and you would be surprised how much the little things can make the huge difference to someone’s life. I also met with the Grimsby MP and we spoke about how more in our area needs to be done to continue to raise awareness – I am all for helping out when I can.

I know still it’s difficult daily for so many even myself, up and down days, but sometimes all it takes is one person to speak out and you see many more follow and I think that’s the objective – to reach out more and more and hopefully it finds the right people because no one should suffer in silence and remember it is okay not to be okay and just because today isn’t great make tomorrow a better day. If you need to talk, talk, reach out, connect. Sometimes a problem shared can help you recognise ‘hey I am not the only one experiencing this’ and by knowing you’re not alone and you can open up as I know for many men it’s hard but finding that strength inside is the start to finding the right help for you.

Take care everyone – you are not alone. Speak, reach out, don’t suffer in silence.

Terry Birkett Grimsby Town mental health ambassador, speaker and advocate 

Do check out Terry’s moving and deeply personal Youtube Channel where he reaches out and connects: