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Freedom Tour comes to Grimsby- What’s Next?

The Freedom Tour: What’s Next?

A merry band of really nice and really engaged young people have been travelling the country trying to reach out to people in a big blue van that says ‘What’s Next?’ on the side of it. They are rocking up in Grimsby Thursday lunchtime for a couple of days and wondered if anybody could offer land for van/tents or accommodation for a few of them?

Here’s their message in full:

The Freedom Tour is on the road, having started its 2 and a half month voyage across the UK!

We are currently in Hull and coming to Grimsby next (24- 26th June). It’s a tour made up of young people, reaching out and connecting with as many people as possible to grow our movement and build the force of popular rebellion against this insane system. We’ll be mobilising for XR’s next rebellion, Insulate Britain and local community projects, as well as holding assemblies and learning about what people are going through in the UK at this time. If you can help by:

  1. offering accommodation to any number of these young travellers (land to camp on or beds to sleep in)
  2. joining them on the streets, in the estates and the parks talking to people.

Get in touch at 07538684277 or email us at