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Conversation Day Podcast

The Conversation Day podcast is live!

On May 22nd 2021, East Marsh United hosted what we call a ‘Conversation Day’ at our communal home at Freeman Street Market. This was a fantastic chance for us to reintroduce ourselves to the community as well as an opportunity for you, the community, to see us too! We really enjoyed and appreciated being back in the real world with everyone who came along – human interaction is great!

During the day, we went around speaking to lots of different people looking to get their thoughts on how they were finding ‘Conversation Day’ and we decided to capture some of these chinwags and turn them into a podcast.

It was lovely to hear from some new faces as well as chatting to some familiar voices as we made our way around the market.

The podcast is available via the following platforms: (Scroll to the bottom of our homepage!)

Thank you for your continued support,

East Marsh United x