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East Marshian Chronicles podcast 3: our community-powered Study Circle focuses on ‘Education’

Episode 3 of our East Marshian Chronicles podcast is also our very first Study Circle. What happens is that a small group of engaged people sit together and discuss issues relevant to our lives and times. Circles are conducted in an atmosphere of genuineness, empathy and trust and the intention is to have a positive impact on society, which satisfies Marx’s dictum about not just interpreting but also changing the world. Therefore, we use the powerful three-part Trust the People process for people’s assemblies, which is essentially about making a decision to do something out there in the world.

Hosted by Billy Dasein, this episode is focused around the topic of education following on from the previous episode with Pushpa Kumbhat talking about the history of working class adult education. We hope you enjoy the conversation, which starts part way through the deliberation stage and the question ‘what does education mean to you?’

Participants: Carolyn Doyley, John Leam, Les Bonner, Josie Moon, Roy Horobin, Gordon Wilson and John Mooney.

Here’s the main East Marshian Chronicles page to find and dowload this and other episodes: