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Coming Soon: East Marshian Chronicles – Episode 002

We launched the East Marshian Chronicles two weeks ago where our hosts Billy Dasein and Jill Harrison set out an outline of what to expect from the future episodes of the ‘East Marshian Chronicles’. 

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give it a listen! 

It is now time for Episode 002! This will be available to listen to from Tuesday 1st June at 9:00am from your usual podcast platform. 

In the second episode, Billy and Jill welcome their first guest onto the podcast as they chat to history tutor Dr Pushpa Kumbhat. Pushpa researches the history of British adult education in relation to the labour movement, citizenship, political representation and democracy. During the conversation, we find out more about what working class adult education is and why it matters. 

Pushpa’s other research interests include the history of women & adult education, the student experience of adult education and the role of universities and education outside the institution.

We hope that you, the listeners, find this episode with Pushpa really interesting and we’ll love to hear any thoughts and feedback that anyone may have.

Thanks for your support,

East Marsh United