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‘East Marshian Chronicles’ Podcast Launch

We’ve launched our own podcast!

As revealed earlier this week, in partnership with the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), East Marsh United have launched their own podcast, which will be hosted by EMU’s Billy Dasein and WEA’s Jill Harrison. 

The episodes will be released on a fortnightly basis and will be available from all of the places that you usually download your podcasts from (just search ‘East Marshian Chronicles’). As well as this, we will be posting the episodes onto our YouTube channel.

We want to stimulate thinking about our lives and our community through conversations on all kinds of topics such as our community itself, education, history and culture. We’ll be welcoming various friends and guests onto the podcast so they can share their views on certain matters too! We especially want to welcome the people of the East Marsh onto our platform to have their voices heard.

We are starting a ‘study circle’ as part of our podcast. This will be introduced when we launch Episode 003 of the ‘East Marshian Chronicles’. We want to get the community and our listeners involved in the process so that they can have their say on the issues and debates raised in the first two episodes of the podcast – and steer the direction of the podcast itself.

Following this, some of our episodes will be based around a ‘reading group’ – something again which we want to get the community involved with. We want to base the reading group around the novel ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’ which is a story all about the working class written by a working class man (a house painter and sign writer). 

Billy Dasein: “Together with the WEA, we will be exploring everything that EMU have been doing for the last four years and the years to come: housing, urban renewal, community arts, community education, employment, timebanking, community wealth growth – there’s so much to talk and think about and all of it will help us better understand our lives here on the East Marsh. I have an idea of how it might work, but the best of it is that I have no idea what it will look like in six months, as our community will help shape the direction of the podcast – now, that is REALLY exciting!”

Jill Harrison: “I am really excited to be working on this with Billy and his fellow East Marshians.  From its inception, the WEA actively encouraged members and students to explore topics of interest to them and engage in critical thinking.  We promote social justice and encourage active citizenship – our vision is of a better world, equal, democratic and just. The podcast and reading group provide opportunity for voices to be heard and they will be the voices of the East Marsh community.”

If you want to get in touch about the podcast whether it be an idea for us or wanting to get involved with the study circle or reading group, please do get in contact via: 

Email:  or 

Social Media: East Marsh United on Facebook or @EastMarshUnited on Twitter

Find the podcast here: or just search ‘East Marshian Chronicles’ in your usual podcast app.

Love and light,

East Marsh United