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Check out the Spring Issue of the Proud East Marshian

The latest issue of the Proud East Marshian is out now, so pour yourself a cuppa, grab a slice of cake and sit yourself down for a nice relaxing read!

Read the online version here – Proud East Marshian – Spring 2021.

The welcome arrival of spring is a prominent theme, with the writers and contributors really showing their appreciation of the natural world and the simple pleasures of growing plants, walking in parks and simply enjoying the environment.

Meanwhile, we’ve been working closely with our Sun and Moon Festival team behind the scenes, planning for the coming months and thinking up new and exciting ways for people to get involved with community art projects. We’d like to thank everyone across the East Marsh for your continued support – we really love it when you all get involved!

With restrictions slowly being lifted in our daily lives, we sincerely hope we’ll all get to see much more of each other soon. We can’t wait to welcome you back to our base at Freeman Street Market – we’re excited about all the events and occasions when we can gather together safely and have some creative fun!

In the meantime, don’t forget you can catch up with all the back issues of the Proud East Marshian over on the Sun and Moon Festival website.