Levelling Up Communities?

Danny Kruger has written a report in response to the Prime Minister, who “asked me for proposals to sustain the community spirit we saw during the lockdown.”

Find the report here: https://www.dannykruger.org.uk/communities-report

Kofi Smiles had a short conversation with Billy about questions raised in our community by the report – here’s the interview.

East Marsh United were happy to be involved with the All Party Parliamentary Group on ‘Left Behind’ neighbourhoods (despite the daft title – we have agency, you know!), which is another initiative in similar vein. It’s fantastic that these things are being talked about and that communities are being placed front and centre.

Here’s Paul Howell’s APPG Committee Page: https://www.appg-leftbehindneighbourhoods.org.uk/

I suppose two key questions might be whether the recommendations are sufficient for the broken model we currently have, and will Government adopt any of them?What do you think?

Here’s more Kofi for love and smiles: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08vpsq3

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