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East Marsh United have a newly refurbished 3-bed family home available to rent. Get in touch!

If you need a home, or know somebody that does, get in touch – we have a newly refurbished 3-bed family home available to rent.

East Marsh United are a community group of local residents on the historic East Marsh of Grimsby and we are dedicated to finding OUR Solutions to OUR problems. We have bought and refurbished two properties to bring empty homes back into use and meet the demand for quality community-owned housing in the East Marsh Ward. We call ourselves an ethical community landlord, because we want to do things differently and stand with our our tenants to really feel at home.

There are three key criteria used for determining the eligibility of applicants:

1. Affordability & Suitability – are you currently unable to afford to rent a suitable home in the East Marsh open market, and able to afford to rent one of our homes?

2. Local Connection – do you already live, work or have family and friends in the East Marsh?

3. Community Commitment – have you demonstrated your support/involvement to help make the East Marsh a great place to live?

If you are interested in receiving an application form, please email our ethical housing agency, Doorstep or contact Doorstep on Facebook.