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Proud East Marshian Issue 5: Our World, Our Environment

Coming to you direct from the Sun & Moon Festival: Issue 5 of the Proud East Marshian!

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East Marsh Gardens

The theme of this month’s edition is the environment, but we’re not just talking nature here; we’re covering our whole environment: the streets of the East Marsh. We catch-up with Ernie Brown and chat about his journey from hotel chef to head gardener at Your Place, an oasis tucked away on an East Marsh street.

East Marsh Windows

And some East Marsh families have been working their magic to transform their front room windows with the craft boxes that Josie has been busy putting together and delivering to homes around the area (she had to be surgically removed from Boyes on more than one occasion)! Add East Marsh imagination to the craft boxes and – hey presto – windows are now storyboards that tell the stories of their family lockdown experiences. As you’d expect, there’s humour (look out for the toilet rolls), there’s empathy and there’s positivity: all the traits that sum-up the East Marsh spirit.

So, the next time you venture out, keep a look-out for these window theatres. They’ll brighten up even the dullest of summer days.