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Stand with we Proud East Marshians in this exciting Job Opportunity: Community Project Developer

PEMEast Marsh United are looking for a Community Project Developer to work alongside our PBSA Project Coordinator in implementing our strategies and vision for the next three years. We are a dynamic and progressive grass-roots community group working in the heart of Grimsby’s historic East Marsh. We’re involved in a number of fantastic funded projects with more in the pipeline and need an experienced, big-hearted, genuine, empathic and trusting person who is creative and community-oriented.

The people of the East Marsh want what every other human being on this planet wants: a nice home, pleasant streets, friendly neighbours, meaningful and gainful employment and the very real prospect of a creative happy and healthy future for all on OUR East Marsh. Come and stand with us Proud East Marshians and help us make change happen here…

Find out more and apply now via the Indeed jobs website: (or search there for ‘Community Project Developer DN32’)  – UPDATE: INDEED WEBSITE NOT WORKING SO WELL FOR US! JUST EMAIL US HERE AND WE’LL SEND YOU THE INFO:                    

This post is generously funded for 3 years by Tudor Trust. The purpose of the funding is to increase the resilience of East Marsh United and hence the impact and engagement of our development work in Grimsby’s East Marsh neighbourhood.

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