Let’s Go to Space!

Let's Go to Space
Matty and Lisa (Cosmo and Carrie)

There’s something out of this world going on over at the Sun and Moon Fest website…

(It’s here! https://www.sunandmoonfestival.org/resources) – there will be a fresh video and resources EVERY DAY!

Carrie and Cosmo are setting off on a homemade adventure to space! Join them from the 8th to the 12th of June.

Each day will see the lunar landing of a new mini video & blog post to take us to outer space, with activities, songs and storytelling to set you up with a launchpad for learning at home or in schools.

Originally created as part of an Arts Council England bid, in conjunction with La Luna and Grimsby Jazz Projects, ‘Let’s Go To Space’ ran as a music and theatre workshop, touring across schools in North East Lincolnshire in 2019 made possible by NEL Music Hub.

Now, Lisa February and Matthew Gray have adapted the story, written by Josie Moon, into a short video series with support from Hetty McCarthy and Annabel McCourt Artist. The music used in the workshops, written by Pat McCarthy, acts as a wonderful resource alongside our videos, and will feature every day in our posts.

We would like to thank Creative Civic Change funding, for allowing this video series to be a possibility.

We hope this resource will spark imaginations and inspire creative educational experiences across our galaxy and beyond.. oh, wait, it already is – check this out created today by two of our younger intrepid spacenauts!

Happy Space Travellers


1 thought on “Let’s Go to Space!

  1. Hello guys. The Rabbit Hole in Brigg here. Kind Mr Triplow sent us the link. Absolutely wonderful . Take care. Nick Mel The Rabbit Hole Brigg.


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