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Grimsby Bygones: the East Marsh in the Daily Mirror 13/03/2020 (yes, it all happened THIS year!)

…the East Marsh, where you’ll meet some of the finest people in the country battling some of its greatest odds.

Do you remember talk of a ‘Blue Budget’ and ‘levelling up’ in Grimsby – here Ros Wynne-Jones writes about the East Marsh experience and the hopes of our Proud East Marshians – but was it really only March this year? How the world has been changed since then – anyway, I thought I’d post this regardless as a reminder of how the world once was, and of happier times, too, as Ros’ article was occasioned by the happenstance of a 3-day visit from our warm, generous and knowledgeble friends at Voice4Deptford and a Tortoise Media Thinkin (How can we fix British Politics? That question just got bigger!).  But we will repeat both of these things when all this is behind us and we will keep battling on (thanks for a great article, Ros).

2020-03-13 Ros Wynne Jones East Marsh in Daily Mirror

Here’s the online version with a shabby headline, no doubt from a downtrodden sub-editor…