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Sun and Moon Festival: Coronavirus Statement

At this difficult time we hope everyone in our community is staying safe and well and we send everyone our very best wishes.

As a team we have been meeting (online) to decide what our best response should be to the crisis.  There has been a great deal of online activity from arts organisations all over the country and it has been encouraging and also somewhat overwhelming to see the speed and range of reactions.

As a team, we have decided to take things more slowly and not to rush to action.  We have made a plan and we now have a series of projects underway. When these are ready, they will be released with full details about how to participate.

So far, we have one online project, Writers United. This is a Facebook group that Carolyn is managing.  Each week Carolyn sets a challenge and writers are invited to post their writing to receive feedback from other writers.  It is a very positive space and has produced some lovely work from people.  Please send  a private message to the Facebook Sun and Moon page if you’d like to be added to Writers United: 

Coming Soon:

Music and Performance

  • An activity for the Peace Choir to be released in the next 7-10 days.
  • Music for pre-schoolers and families- by end of April
  • Storytelling for children and families – by end of April

Arts and Crafts

  • Arts and crafts projects for adults – mid April
  • Arts and crafts for families and children – mid April

Creative Writing

  • The Proud East Marshian – online community newspaper – in development
  • Voices from the East Marsh – stories and writing from our community – in development.

Media and Web

Annabel will be developing the website content and hosting all of our events via the website. These will then be channelled to the Facebook page.

You can find us online here:

Stay safe and well.   Annabel, Carolyn, Josie, Rachel and Vivienne.