Electric Fence by Annabel McCourt – Usher Gallery Lincoln 8th February – 10th May

As part of our Creative Civic Change Sun & Moon Festival, we went to visit our very own Annabel’s exhibition at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln. It was a thought-provoking experience, bringing to my mind concentration camps from another time, but that perhaps are closer than we know. Annabel conceived of the idea as a result of  a sermon by a North American man of god who suggested that gays and lesbians be rounded up and held behind electrified fences until they die off. So, instead of a sputtering and futile outrage, we have here a solid realisation of the idea showing how words have power in the world.

I interviewed Annabel about her work…


Here’s some more about the exhibition from the Usher, but I’d just say, if you get a chance, go and experience it: https://www.thecollectionmuseum.com/exhibitions-and-events/view/electric-fence

Annabel on this side of the fence, Proud East Marshians yonder


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