Witam Wszystkich – ALL are welcome on OUR East Marsh

About the attack in Grant Thorold Park.

First of all, this is very serious and I am so sorry for the young boy and his family – it is shocking and that must have been a terrifying experience  I hope the young lad isn’t either scared or scarred by this and I just want to say the people of the East Marsh and we here at East Marsh United want to do what we can to make you and family feel that you are a full part of our community here – and we thank you for coming to be with us here.

Secondly, the lads who did this should be encouraged to come forward and look at the consequences of their actions.

Finally, as for people coming to OUR Grant Thorold Park, I can say the same thing about this as I can say about the East Marsh itself – it belongs to us, to all of us who live and work here – we all need to step up and claim ownership of OUR Park. It’s a beautiful space of nature, full of potential for we East Marshians and our visitors to relax, to play or just to be. So, from this point forward, let’s all find a way of making it an attractive space that is welcoming to one and all – Witam Wszystkich.

2 thoughts on “Witam Wszystkich – ALL are welcome on OUR East Marsh

  1. I totally agree with u Billy I was upset to see that in our park and especially as my daughter and her friends go there.
    My we wishes go out to the family and the boy who was attacked


    1. I love east marsh united such a friendly community group so welcoming and warm no matter if you haven’t been for a few weeks there lovely really showing an example of the community I want to be a part of and making a difference all of the time the best as they can, unfortunately not everyone on the eastmarsh are like them and I hope the child that got attacked is ok please understand that us east martians
      Are not all bad and there is people that want a happy bright community


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