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Come along to the Launch of the REMAKe East Marshian Sun & Moon Community Arts Festival – This Saturday at Freeman Street Market #CreativeCivicChange

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Official Launch of the East Marshian Sun & Moon Festival Saturday 18th May 2019, Freeman Street Market from 10am to 3pm followed by a Celebration Event from 3pm to 6pm with Docks Beers in the Market’s Courtyard (and the Courtyard Cafe are staying open for us).

Well, it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? We haven’t gone away, though – we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes on a number of projects and at last we can reveal at least one of them…

REMAKe is our name for our community arts group and it stands for Revolutionary East Marsh Arts Kollective. ‘Revolutionary’, eh? Big claim! But, the word is important to us because it means ‘involving or causing a complete or dramatic change’ and it is that kind of change that is needed on our East Marsh – we want to change ways of thinking, ways of Being, ways of doing. We want people to look around at their lives here and say ‘This is Home’, I’m proud to live HERE, I’m a proud East Marshian!

So, what’s the ‘Festival’ about? First of all, it’s part of a new, £4million national funding programme called ‘Creative Civic Change’ (more here). Fourteen communities across England are set to transform their local areas as part of the programme. Over the next three years, these communities will take the lead and use creativity to generate meaningful civic change in their area.CCC-logo_final

Representing Grimsby and the East Marsh, REMAKe will use our grant to run four big celebratory events that will showcase local artists, crafters and makers. We will build local networks through taster courses and creative visits focusing on arts and crafts, performing arts, words and multimedia. Our Launch on Saturday is very generously hosted by our friends at Freeman Street Market – who are also celebrating ‘Love Your Local Market’ week. We have a specially constructed ‘village fete’ area in the market  and will hold a Celebration Event from 3pm to 6pm with Docks Beers.

If you can’t make it Saturday, leave your details with us to join our FREE Taster courses – or to share your skills with us – in the following areas:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Writing and Storytelling
  • Multimedia (film, podcasts, animation, gaming, photography)

Just take a minute to complete the form here:

By the way, not right now, but soon, soon! we also want to get back to our core work of literally cleaning the streets – but we need volunteers and especially somebody who wants to help us organise it – we have equipment and ideas aplenty but need somebody to step up and take charge – if you are now thinking, ‘I could do that’ – then get in touch and you can do it 🙂

Change is here – be a part of it!


Contact us, find out more, like, follow, share:

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