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Joyous day of human communication shock!

market 4We had our first REMAKe* Funday yesterday on Freeman Street Market, and the headline says it all – we East Marshians spent the day communicating with our fellow humans and it felt relaxed and happy and unforced and positive and connected and bursting full with Love and Care and yes it felt JOYOUS!

We communicated through the power of song, the power of spoken word, the power of historical record (you’d be surprised how powerful that can be – our past informs where we are now and where we might want to be…), the power of art and colour and making and most of all, most of all… the power of being alongside each other and sharing, sharing food, sharing drink, sharing our stories and above all the power of simply… Being Together in the World.

We will be collating our general impressions and our specific ideas (file under ‘lots of’) to help build a 3-year programme of arts and crafts and people power across our East Marsh.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers, thank you to our artists, thank you to Sean and “the Mad Harry Atmosphere” of Freeman Street Market, thanks to SCOPE for lending us a sofa and two armchairs, thank you to the bold and brilliant marvellous marshian who surprised us all by giving us an acapella version of Waterloo, thank you to our superb camerawoman who will be producing a short film of the day for us (can’t wait!), thank you to the four cafes on the market that provided food for everybody that came and stood with us and thank you to those lovely humans who came and shared beautiful stories and parts of themselves and their experience – we encourage anybody and everybody to come and get involved with us, share your stories, put your ideas forward, to make change happen in our East Marsh.


* REMAKe is the Revolutionary East Marsh Arts Kollective (watch this space for more!)