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How Should Britain be Run? Come along! Join in! Have your Say! This Thursday 6pm, Grimsby Neighbourhood Centre

You are cordially invited to a joint WEA/Talk Shop/East Marsh United discussion about how Britain should Britain be run. This is your chance to have your say in the first event of its kind hereabouts.

Facilitated by the passionate educationist and all round fabulous human Martin Yarnit, who describes himself as “A naive democrat, I see TALKSHOP helping to create an active and informed citizenry, and making politics a joyful and creative activity. And it’s cheap.”

If you’re not sure whether to come along and miss celebrity insect eaters or whatever, try a little thought experiment called ‘cognitive dissonance’ (the mental conflict that occurs when assumptions are contradicted by new information): So – our country, Great Britain is often said to be the sixth richest country on earth. Well, try standing anywhere here on the East Marsh and then say it out loud. There: cognitive dissonance!

Some of the things that East Marsh United have been exploring with our partners in the Council and in local and national charitable organisations have been centrally about the distribution of power and resources.  Do we feel we have a share in the national distribution of resources? Should we have? Will Brexit bring greater control, more power to the people? The aim of this event is to see whether we can reach some measure of agreement about how well the country and the economy is run and what can be done to improve matters.

It takes place from 6-9pm at the Grimsby Neighbourhood Centre, 289a Weelsby St, Grimsby  DN32 7JW. If you would like to attend please just come along – although it helps us with planning if you register with eventbrite at