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Guest Post from ‘A Walk in the Park’ – there is now a Timber Trail for the kids in Albion Street Park

Great news from our friends at Walk in the Park – congratulations, guys! Text by Tammy…

After a long hard year of fundraising to rebuild Albion Street Park the team from “a walk in the park” are very proud to say we now have a timber trail in the park. The children that use this park often were thrilled when this got put in and it has proved to be very popular with the children who could be seen after school lining up to have a go on the trail. It has took a lot of hard work and a lot of hours to get to this point but to see the big smiles on the children’s faces made it all worth while. We hope you can continue to support us in this adventure to get more equipment put in the park area. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far.