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First Step in Beautifying our Alleys – a great team effort!

We spent Saturday cleaning out the last of the Fat Alley’s back alleys – and what a job it was – here are the before and after pictures (by Lee Coulbeck). And some durings.

Fat Alley Cleanup September 1st 2018

Fat Alley Cleanup September 1st 2018 2.jpg

Thanks so much to the lads from Community Payback, who were just phenomenal. Thanks to Stan at the chippie for donated lunches. Thanks especially to Newlincs for sponsoring us and for Biffa for being so great at supplying a huge skip – which wasn’t quite enough, so we’re going to have to get another for the big stuff we left neatly stacked and ready to go

We’ll be organising greening and artwork sometime soon, so watch this space.