Fat Alley Clearance – and upcoming beautification!

Fat Alley Cleaned - before and after

In concert with a full-on Council neighbourhood cleaning team and vehicles and with the great lads from Community Payback, we cleared out Fat Alley in Harold Street. The results are in the picture here. This is the beginning of East Marsh United in partnership with lots of public sector and third sector organisations and all-round great and enthusiastic people working to change the Street Scene on the East Marsh. We want to clean and green our alleys and make them safe and enjoyable social spaces for young and old alike.

There’s more to do, especially in the adjoining alleyways, and what we’d like more than anything else is for the residents on the block to join in with us and make these alleys a fantastic place to be. So, we’re having a day of cleaning and greening in a few weeks and all residents – and everybody else who wants to join in – just come along to the entrance of Fat Alley in Harold Street 9am Saturday 1st September.

Let’s make our neighbourhood amazing!

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