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“Community wins back streets in Grimsby’s East Marsh”

A positive and inspirational report by Phillip Norton for Look North and shown throughout the day on Monday 30th July. As Phil says, things have really begun to change in the aftermath of last year’s horrors on our streets, when action was taken by police and by the community. And as a result of these broadcasts, we’ve had a deluge of emails, texts and social media exchanges that have been positive, encouraging and proud. Just today, I heard from a landlord from out of town who saw us on the tellie and has himself been encouraged by these changes. He has a property here and he does take care of it and of his tenants – and he wants to help us in any way he can. So, even if some of our problems are due to irresponsible landlords, and they are, it’s also important for us to recognise that this is not the whole picture and that there are good people in every social group who are just waiting to step forward and get involved to make change happen, to make all of our lives just that little bit better. We welcome everybody who wants to help 🙂

East Marsh United are proud and grateful to have been working with really positive supporters, partners and friends in the last year and our ambitions have grown enormously, so watch this space for tremendous developments over here on the historic East Marsh!