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Cyril writes about his recent visit to the Energy Waste Plant 

Cyril Dave and Liz at Waste Plant.jpg
Cllr Dave Watson, Sharon Hunt ( EfW ), Cyril
On my recent visit to the council’s ‘Energy from Waste’ plant at Stallingborough, I was impressed at how compact and efficient the whole process was. From the grab that picks up and drops 2.5 tonnes of waste at a time into the hopper that continually feeds the rotating furnace, to the ash residue that comes out the other end. The fine ash is sold on to another plant that make it into blocks for the building trade. The metal – yes metal! ie gas bottles, engine parts and various other metal objects that are dumped in our domestic waste bins – is taken away to be melted down and recycled. The tour takes a little over an hour with a lot more information  than I have written here. My opinion is the visit is a well spent couple of hours of your time. Thanks to Chris Dunn for organising it.