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Open letter to the landlord of 81 Harold Street

Dear sir or madam,

The people of the East Marsh object in the strongest terms to your reported words in the Grimsby Telegraph article Saturday February 10th 2018 (‘Banned from having visitors to her house’). You are reported as having said: the home is in “a less desirable area which attracts less desirable people”.

It must be very nice for you to remain completely anonymous and stand in judgement on the people of our East Marsh, as if you were completely detached from the place. Might I remind you that 81 Harold Street is YOUR property. So, dear sir or madam, YOU are involved with the East Marsh, YOU are not a detached observer, YOU have responsibility in all of this.

If you only heard about any problems on Monday then, frankly, you have clearly abandoned those responsibilities and should have been more diligent in your oversight of the property. You have been happy enough taking money from the residents thus far, after all.

This letter is written on behalf of East Marsh United ( Our group is made up of the good people of the East Marsh and we are working to make our East Marsh a beautiful place to live. Careless, anonymous comments like yours are both offensive and damaging and simply serve to stigmatise people who are doing their best to live good lives under difficult circumstances.

Much better would be if you took more care over your property and its residents and worked with us to improve conditions in the whole of the East Marsh.

Sincerely, East Marsh United