EMU’s first fly-tipping collection: 2 x Three piece suites, 1 x bed settee, 1 x carpet (very heavy!), 7 x bags of rubbish from overflowing wheelie bins, 5 x bags we filled with rubbish, 12 x pc towers, 3 x printers, 1 builders bag overflowing with rubble.

Very pleased with today’s haul!

With Empower’s truck and a permit from Chris Dunn at the Council, our four EMUers and three very willing Empower volunteers (we hope they come with us next time!) made three truckloads of fly-tipped rubbish in 2 hours – not bad going, considering the time it takes to sort through the stuff at the tip end.

Thanks to our volunteers, thanks to Empower’s generosity with the vehicle and their excellent volunteers, thank to NELincs Council’s Bins, waste and recycling department – and to the Council in general for their robust support of our efforts.

Thanks also to Radio Humberside’s Lara King, who very kindly contacted us to come along and chat about this particular venture on a cold and rainy Thursday – here’s the interview:

Incidentally, we also got a mention in an excellent article by Tim Burrows about Grimsby in last week’s Guardian newspaper: The Battle to make Grimsby Great again

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