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Learning Twitter for Community Groups

We’re having a Twitter-in tonight, so I thought I’d pop a few links and reflections here.

Learning Twitter…

Twitter is all about communicating – if you have something to say, this is one way to get it out there. It is part of ‘social media’, so let’s take both parts of that.

‘Media’ is simply the means of communication, so think of telephones, radio, television, newspapers – this is the latest ‘media channel’ of communication.

‘Social’ indicates that this is a means of communication that is based significantly on networks of contacts, on relationships between people. People ‘tweet’ (communicate on Twitter) in order to reach or influence people widely – and that communication is made much easier by the people in your networks, who repeat your message for their own networks, or comment on your message and so add richness by filling in detail or giving a different viewpoint.

No point reinventing wheels, so here are a couple of links about learning Twitter:

Once you’ve set your account up, don’t forget to follow @eastmarshunited

…for Community Groups

So, when it comes to EMU, we’re not tweeting what we had for breakfast, especially as I haven’t had my breakfast yet, so it would be moot anyway. We are a community group and our Twitter account can be used to engage more widely with our community and with each other. As one of the below guides say, Twitter “is an especially useful tool for getting a brief message out to a wide audience, so publicising a community event,
promoting a special offer in the local shop, requesting volunteer support or
communicating in a community emergency” (the ‘Toolkit’).

And don’t forget to follow @eastmarshunited