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Grafting and Proud for the East Marsh

Hildyard Street Cleaning
Grafting and Proud

Hildyard Street took us longer than usual, but we’re getting there. Thanks to Wellington Street Stores for generous donations of crates of bottled water and cans of coke. Thanks also to the lovely lass from Hildyard Street who made us all tea and coffee 🙂

Two more street cleans and we’ve covered the whole of the POWW. POWW is (our name for) the square block of houses contained by Park Street, Oxford Street, Weelsby Street and Wellington Street – we’re focusing on this section of the East Marsh  because it’s where most of us at this point in EMU’s development live and because it’s manageable as a starting point, a kind of pilot for our ideas for claiming ownership once more of the streets and homes of our historic East Marsh.

The hardest job so far has been the greenery growing from the sides of houses, walls, paths and gutters. Once that has been cleared in the whole area, it should be relatively straightforward to simply pick up the litter on the streets, no need of the hoes and spades, so we’ll be getting through perhaps two or three streets in one shift – who knows perhaps more, perhaps all six…

And we can then perhaps begin to look outward from the POWW and see if other groups of residents might want to come together and foster change in their little bit of the East Marsh. We’re also exploring solutions for those bigger fly-tipped items, wheelie bins and boarded up houses – these will take a little more time to set up, but… we are DETERMINED!

To see the photos from Hildyard Street on Saturday – if you’re on the web, they’re to the right of this post, and our social media links with the photos are:

Please do have a look, share, follow and/or come and join us cleaning Harold Street this Saturday 9.45am. We start off from the corner of Tunnard Street and Park Street 🙂