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Christmas with the WEA

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), founded in 1903, is the UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult education and one of Britain’s biggest charities. The WEA is a democratic and voluntary adult education movement. It delivers learning throughout England and Scotland. And we have a Community Education Branch of the WEA here on the East Marsh!

The WEA are very generously providing courses for just a fiver over the build up to Christmas and then providing FREE online activities on Christmas Day for everyone. 

From the WEA:

Our short activities will run throughout the day and will provide fun and a chance to chat. So whether you are feeling lonely or needing a moment away from the busy family, the WEA will be here for you this Christmas.
We will send a reminder via email on Christmas Eve, and we will be updating our website and social media throughout the festive period.
If you know someone who might like some friendly faces on Christmas Day, share this email with them, and we look forward to spending our Christmas with you all. Click here to learn more.

Here are the courses pre-Christmas:

For only £5 each, our knowledgeable tutors will take you through a topic or strand of history, some with a distinctive Christmas theme, from the comfort of your own home. 

06/12/2020, 7pm
The art of Christmas: an exploration into how artists through the centuries have interpreted the Christmas Story

08/12/2020, 11am
Charlotte of Wales: the first people’s princess

10/12/2020, 11am
Introducing Christian Theology

11/12/2020, 2pm
Manet and the Scandal of Olympia: The Birth of Modern Art?

12/12/2020, 7pm
The legends of King Arthur

13/12/2020, 7pm
The Christmas narratives in the bible: history or myth?

14/12/2020, 3pm
Scientific fraud: misconduct and the ethics of experts

Enjoying Opera

15/12/2020, 7pm
Conservation, ethics and sustainable development: the drive for a new environmental politics

16/12/2020, 7pm
Christmas and the Victorians: did Dickens invent Christmas?

17/12/2020, 3pm
The traditional Christmas

18/12/2020, 11am
Roman & Byzantine Ravenna

21/12/2020, 11am
The spirit of Christmas past: Christmas celebrations in medieval and Tudor times

22/12/2020, 11am
Appreciating music for Christmas

22/12/2020, 3pm
“Another Faithful Failure”: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Christmas sermon