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Volunteers needed for the first ‘Six Feet of Your Street’: Saturday 3rd August 10.00-12.00 – all welcome!

What is Six Feet of Your Street? Here’s a taster…

Video by Annabel McCourt

Please come along and help in whatever way you can – or just come along and support us. We’ll gather in the car park of the Methodist Chapel, Wellington Street and Rutland Street corner from 9.45 and heading off to ‘Six Feet’ Rutland Street for the next couple of hours.

What is Six Feet of Your Street?

The idea is simple. We will encourage people to come out and clean their own patch. If everybody does this, then the whole area is clean. The plan is…

  • We will roll out our ‘Six Feet of Your Street’ campaign to one street on the East Marsh every month
  • This will be from 10.00-12.00 on every first Saturday of every month.
  • We will leaflet and door knock our chosen street in the week leading up to the ‘Six Feet’ day, letting people know that we are coming and how they might help us
  • We will encourage as many volunteers as possible to join us from across the East Marsh and from across the town – if people stand with us they are with us! We want to make a big splash on each ‘Six Feet’ day.
  • On the day, we will have our street cleaning volunteers armed with equipment and ready to help everybody and to clean where people are not able to – some people won’t be able to come and clean their patch, in which case we just ask that they come out and enjoy the morning with us and have a chat about what they love about our community.
  • We will hang out our hanging baskets.
  • We will have volunteers also from another East Marsh United project, the Sun & Moon Festival performing and being creative – ‘The Granarchists’, our nascent community choir, our growing arts collectives will be decorating the boarded up windows, and our storytellers and writers will be catching ‘East Marsh Stories’ from locals, as well as stories about their tattoos, which very often have a local flavour.
  • We will also be promoting East Marsh United’s projects more broadly as a way of bringing more people in to work with and for our community, as well as identifying one or two ‘community mobilisers’ from each street, people who have some heart and passion which we can foster in order to help them support their street in a continuing basis.
  • We will start each campaign event by gathering people together and singing a song: Bring me Sunshine…

In summary, ‘Six Feet of Your Street’ is a programme of community action whereby the community themselves are taking the action and transforming their neighbourhood. Self-help and engagement are at the heart of ‘Six Feet of Your Street’ and at the heart of all of our projects – let’s make change happen by making change happen!

Get in touch for more info: or just come along on the day!


Come and create a tiger – FREE taster day for kids on the East Marsh on 1st August

Climb 4 run Create the Tiger Holiday Club for 4 years at various venues.  Present home is Grimsby Institute.  Due to popularity and discussion with people from East Marsh we wanted to be able to offer our club on East Marsh.  Fortunately we have been given funding to run a Taster Day on 1st August.  Free to children living on East Marsh.  However we hope this can continue.  But only have funding for the Taster Day at the moment.  Other Possible Dates -8th, 15th, 22nd and 30th August at Central Hall.  Cost would depend on how many people booked- 30 children = £7.50  /  25 Children = £8.50  /  20 Children  = £10.50.  Contact Sarah on if you would like to book onto Taster day or interested in other dates. Here’s the poster…

A4 Poster for Central Hall east marsh holiday Club