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Have you ever left your wheelie bin out overnight? EMU on Radio Humberside today

Not a modern George Formby song, but East Marsh United interviewed on Radio Humberside’s Lizzie Rose and Sally Fairfax at Breakfast show this morning.

First up here is Neil Clark, Community Protection and Compliance Manager at North East Lincolnshire Council, giving the Council’s position (which EMU support, by the way!). Then Billy talks about some of the difficulties for people who do want to do their best and keep the East Marsh clean and tidy for all. In a nutshell, wheelie bins are not a problem in isolation and we need to keep addressing the whole picture.

Cyril writes about his recent visit to the Energy Waste Plant 

Cyril Dave and Liz at Waste Plant.jpg
Cllr Dave Watson, Sharon Hunt ( EfW ), Cyril
On my recent visit to the council’s ‘Energy from Waste’ plant at Stallingborough, I was impressed at how compact and efficient the whole process was. From the grab that picks up and drops 2.5 tonnes of waste at a time into the hopper that continually feeds the rotating furnace, to the ash residue that comes out the other end. The fine ash is sold on to another plant that make it into blocks for the building trade. The metal – yes metal! ie gas bottles, engine parts and various other metal objects that are dumped in our domestic waste bins – is taken away to be melted down and recycled. The tour takes a little over an hour with a lot more information  than I have written here. My opinion is the visit is a well spent couple of hours of your time. Thanks to Chris Dunn for organising it.

Successful Awards for All Bid for East Marsh United!

We are VERY pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £10,000 for our work on the East Marsh. Our bid was entitled ‘Finding solutions closest to the challenge’ and the following text is from our bid answering the question ‘What would you like to do?’

Grimsby’s East Marsh is one of the most deprived wards in England with significant poverty indicators and problems of low educational attainment, low employment, high numbers of lone parents, high in-work and pensioner poverty. The summer of 2017 saw the area spiralling out of control: “Rutland Street families ‘scared to leave their homes’ because of drug dealing and anti-social behaviour”. “Grimsby man refuses to stop speaking out after his Rutland Street home is attacked by vandals”. Just two of many newspaper headlines from one East Marsh street. Residents felt frightened and helpless – until we decided to act.

We adopted the ‘broken window’ theory. Signs of disorder – broken windows, boarded-up houses, litter and graffiti – induce more disorder and crime, imply no care for the area and invite chaos, which was what happened. We met to identify how we might mend the ‘broken windows’ and ‘East Marsh United’ (EMU) was born!

Since September, we have held weekly meetings and since October we have met every Saturday morning to clean one East Marsh Street at a time – removing greenery from gutters and walls, sweeping, litter-picking, bagging and disposing of ½ tonne of waste each time.

We’ve made an impact. We are reclaiming ownership of our East Marsh. Recent twitter: “Those closest to the challenge have the greatest insights and the best solutions”; our Chief Inspector’s unprompted response: “Totally agree with this as @EastMarshUnited are proving”.

And now we need funding. We started in the midst of a desperate situation. We now find ourselves with community spirit and a vision of hope. We want to build on this, bring in more ‘East Marshers’, develop and grow our community to make a substantial and sustainable difference. We need help to move towards our larger ideals, supporting a calendar year of projects:

1. Develop EMU, directors and community members, by:
a. Training. Bid-writing/funding, IT, basic project management.
b. Developing a community action plan.
c. Visits to/from other community groups across the UK
2. Reach out to ‘East Marshers’ by:
a. Holding a Summer Fun Day and Consultation Event (July/August); residents can tell us about the future East Marsh, enjoy music, activities, food and drink.
b. Promotional materials – a regular EMU newsletter showcasing the difference in the community because we’ve listened and will listen; inviting more ‘East Marshers’
3. Places and Spaces- transforming our streets through:
a. Clearance and Cleaning – our volunteers will continue cleaning our streets and build on the work carried out. We need PPE, bags, speakers and mp3 player (helps get the children involved!) a jet wash, trolley and secure, weather-proof store.
b. Introducing plants and trees, developing a soft landscaping plan.

We’ve included community feedback in the design and development of the activities via a local event in August this year. Through the activities we will recruit new volunteers and carry out a wider consultation. Carrying out this project will help us develop a stronger community, see what does and doesn’t work and evidence our impact and achievements.

Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund and thanks to everybody who helped us put the bid together and who have given us such wonderful support in our early days!

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Open letter to the landlord of 81 Harold Street

Dear sir or madam,

The people of the East Marsh object in the strongest terms to your reported words in the Grimsby Telegraph article Saturday February 10th 2018 (‘Banned from having visitors to her house’). You are reported as having said: the home is in “a less desirable area which attracts less desirable people”.

It must be very nice for you to remain completely anonymous and stand in judgement on the people of our East Marsh, as if you were completely detached from the place. Might I remind you that 81 Harold Street is YOUR property. So, dear sir or madam, YOU are involved with the East Marsh, YOU are not a detached observer, YOU have responsibility in all of this.

If you only heard about any problems on Monday then, frankly, you have clearly abandoned those responsibilities and should have been more diligent in your oversight of the property. You have been happy enough taking money from the residents thus far, after all.

This letter is written on behalf of East Marsh United ( Our group is made up of the good people of the East Marsh and we are working to make our East Marsh a beautiful place to live. Careless, anonymous comments like yours are both offensive and damaging and simply serve to stigmatise people who are doing their best to live good lives under difficult circumstances.

Much better would be if you took more care over your property and its residents and worked with us to improve conditions in the whole of the East Marsh.

Sincerely, East Marsh United