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Grimsby Bygones: the East Marsh in the Daily Mirror 13/03/2020 (yes, it all happened THIS year!)

…the East Marsh, where you’ll meet some of the finest people in the country battling some of its greatest odds.

Do you remember talk of a ‘Blue Budget’ and ‘levelling up’ in Grimsby – here Ros Wynne-Jones writes about the East Marsh experience and the hopes of our Proud East Marshians – but was it really only March this year? How the world has been changed since then – anyway, I thought I’d post this regardless as a reminder of how the world once was, and of happier times, too, as Ros’ article was occasioned by the happenstance of a 3-day visit from our warm, generous and knowledgeble friends at Voice4Deptford and a Tortoise Media Thinkin (How can we fix British Politics? That question just got bigger!).  But we will repeat both of these things when all this is behind us and we will keep battling on (thanks for a great article, Ros).

2020-03-13 Ros Wynne Jones East Marsh in Daily Mirror

Here’s the online version with a shabby headline, no doubt from a downtrodden sub-editor…

Free and Fantastic reading for a whole month – New Internationalist Reading Room @newint

The wonderful people at the New Internationalist Co-Operative are making the magazine free to read for everyone for one calendar month – starting today, 6 May.

One of East Marsh United’s members is a co-owner in the magazine and wants to share its powerful, international stories exploring how to build a better world so that everyone can have access to high-quality journalism during this pandemic.

The link below gives you 30 days free online access.

Happy reading!


Help if affected by domestic abuse

NELC Domestic Abuse and Covid-19 Message:

We know that COVID-19 will have serious impacts on the lives of women, children and men who are experiencing domestic abuse. They may feel unsafe with the prospect of being isolated in the house with their perpetrator and the current restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the virus are likely to result in an increase in domestic abuse incidents.

Please be reassured that numerous local and national domestic abuse support services remain in place and are working hard to ensure they can still offer support during this challenging time.

If you, or someone you know, are affected by domestic abuse, call Women’s Aid (who support both men and women) on 01472 575757.

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 999 and ask for the police.

If you can’t speak, dial 999 and, when the operator is on the line, press 55 on your telephone keypad to still get help.

Domestic Abuse

Writers United – Have you ever fancied writing? Have you already written fictional (made-up) stories, real-life stories or poetry? Well, now’s the perfect to start writing!

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, why not join Writers United on our Facebook page. It’s a really positive space for you to post your writing, get positive feedback and take part in weekly writing activities (if you want to) to get ideas. It’s a private group, so we know that people in this group will love reading your writing.

Please send us a private message to the Facebook Sun and Moon page if you’d like to be added to Writers United: