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East Marsh United are pleased to announce we are one of the COVID-19 Community-Led Organisations Recovery Scheme (CCLORS) grantees

205 community organisations led by, or that support, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)* communities have received a share of £9.5million of National Lottery funding to help recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, funding has also been awarded to a further 97 community-led organisations – that’s us – to support their financial recovery as a result of coronavirus, bringing the total grants awarded to 302.

The funding has been awarded through the Covid-19 Community-Led Organisations Recovery Scheme (CCLORS). The scheme is led by independent trust Power to Change in partnership with Locality, The Ubele Initiative and Social Investment Business, and is part of The National Lottery Community Fund’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund, that launched in May this year.

69% of the grants awarded went to BAME-led organisations, whilst 86% went to organisations that were BAME-supporting, demonstrating the fund’s commitment to helping those communities most affected by Covid-19.

Grants of up to £100,000 were awarded to community-led organisations in England that are facing severe financial difficulties as a direct result of the coronavirus lockdown. It has helped them to launch health and wellbeing projects, develop digital education workshops and continue providing vital services for their communities.

Our funding will be spent in setting up a Time-Banking project in order to bring people together safely across the East Marsh (and wider).

Here’s link to national story:

Levelling Up Communities?

Danny Kruger has written a report in response to the Prime Minister, who “asked me for proposals to sustain the community spirit we saw during the lockdown.”

Find the report here:

Kofi Smiles had a short conversation with Billy about questions raised in our community by the report – here’s the interview.

East Marsh United were happy to be involved with the All Party Parliamentary Group on ‘Left Behind’ neighbourhoods (despite the daft title – we have agency, you know!), which is another initiative in similar vein. It’s fantastic that these things are being talked about and that communities are being placed front and centre.

Here’s Paul Howell’s APPG Committee Page:

I suppose two key questions might be whether the recommendations are sufficient for the broken model we currently have, and will Government adopt any of them?What do you think?

Here’s more Kofi for love and smiles:

Here’s your Christmas Present Idea from East Marsh United! “The Magic Garden ~ A Covid Christmas”

What if Santa Claus has to self -isolate? What if Christmas is in peril? Never fear, Carrie, Cosmo, Monster the cat and all the creatures in the garden have a plan. “The Magic Garden ~ A Covid Christmas” is a beautiful and reassuring brand new picture book for children.

Featuring beautiful illustrations by our own Vivienne May and an original story by yet another of our own Josie Moon, The Magic Garden ~ A Covid Christmas tackles worries about Covid 19 from children’s point of view and offers a reassuring and magical tale about solving problems and adjusting to challenging times.

Order a limited edition softback copy of this fantastic book for just £7 inc P&P from Josie Moon by emailing:

Carrie, Cosmo and Monster also have adventures in previous books Let’s Go To Space and Sail Away, two epic adventures ideal for children aged 5 -10. They are £7 each or you can buy both for £10 inc P&P.

Or just Buy all three books for £15 inc P&P.

More adventures of Carrie and Cosmo
Even more adventures of Carrie and Cosmo

East Marsh United have a newly refurbished 3-bed family home available to rent. Get in touch!

If you need a home, or know somebody that does, get in touch – we have a newly refurbished 3-bed family home available to rent.

East Marsh United are a community group of local residents on the historic East Marsh of Grimsby and we are dedicated to finding OUR Solutions to OUR problems. We have bought and refurbished two properties to bring empty homes back into use and meet the demand for quality community-owned housing in the East Marsh Ward. We call ourselves an ethical community landlord, because we want to do things differently and stand with our our tenants to really feel at home.

There are three key criteria used for determining the eligibility of applicants:

1. Affordability & Suitability – are you currently unable to afford to rent a suitable home in the East Marsh open market, and able to afford to rent one of our homes?

2. Local Connection – do you already live, work or have family and friends in the East Marsh?

3. Community Commitment – have you demonstrated your support/involvement to help make the East Marsh a great place to live?

If you are interested in receiving an application form, please email our ethical housing agency, Doorstep or contact Doorstep on Facebook.

East Marsh United back on the Streets (slight return)

As you can see, Frankie and Charlie came to help us finally take down some of those old hanging baskets from the glory days – well, there’s a lot been happening in our fantastic community group of late, so we hope we can get those baskets and many many more up and flourishing with life and colour, just as the East Marsh should be!

If you want to come and help us make change happen, just drop us a line: